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Taekwondo SM

Swedish Championships in Taekwondo is decided on Saturday in Kyorugi (fighting) and Sunday in Poomsae (forms).
On Sunday also Stockholm Taekwondo Open.

Allstyle SM & The future

Swedish Championships in Allstyle is decided on Saturday.
Also Allstyle the Future, a youth competition.

Nordic Open Wushu Championships

3e Nordic Open Wushu Championships including Sanda (fighting), Taolu (forms) and Push hands (standing taiji wrestling).
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AllstyleTaekwondo - PoomsaeWushu SandaWushu Taolu



  • Taekwondo SCC - Kyorugi  -  9 am

  • Allstyle the Future  -  10 am

  • Nordic Open Wushu Push hands - 11 am

  • Nordic Open Wushu - Sanda - 12 pm

  • Allstyle Swedish Championships - 2 pm

  • Submission wrestling - 2.30 pm

  • TAWK Superfinals -  4.30 pm

Ends around 6 pm


  • Taekwondo SCC - Pomsaee - 9 am

  • Stockholm Taekwondo Open - 9 am

  • Nordic Open Wushu CC - Taolu - 9 am

Ends around 5 pm

*All starting times are subject to change

Note: Tickets only presale online

Covid 19 regulations, updated December 1 
Mandatory Covid vaccination certificate for all public visitors 
over 18 years (athletes not included).
Please keep your self updated of present general government regulations in detail. 
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